tired of dressing like every body else?
you're in the right place.

Rize Boutique was created by our founder Tori in 2018 with the goal of giving young women like herself the courage to stand out, even if that meant breaking societal norms. Tori is a strong believer in the beauty of being different, and wanted to create a platform that not only embraces this beauty, but also inspires women to live a life of authenticity.  Rize offers a uniquely curated collection of clothing, all hand picked by our founder, that allows women to express their true self, without dressing like everyone else.


Rewind to 2018. Newly graduated from Temple University with the 2 degrees I had dreamed of getting, but never thought I could. Finally being able to say I had successfully achieved one of my biggest goals in life had the sweetest ring to it, yet underneath my proud exterior was a gut wrenching fear of taking the next step. A feeling I was sure most people had during their post-grad life. Ignoring this deep seated fear had become apart of my everyday routine, pushing it so far out of my mind I had forgotten the reason I ever wanted to become a teacher, and completely lost sight of the path I had originally planned for myself. For months leading up to my graduation, and continuing long after, I found myself investing all of my time into my creative hobbies instead of my once aspired career.

What had started as a conversation confiding in my best friend over manicures, led me to the eye-opening realization that I had been planning a life that I was told would make me successful, instead of a life that would make me happy. I had ingrained in my mind for 22 years this cookie cutter picture of success that only included a 9-5 salaried job. I had spent my life trying to fit into a mold and being terrified of straying from the traditional path of success that I had lost touch with what truly makes me happy.

After months of research, planning, and endless cups of coffee, I decided it was time to take the leap of faith I never thought would be possible. I created Rize Boutique not only to find myself, but to empower and inspire all young women to take charge of their life and to find what truly makes them happy. Success may come in many different ways, but the most important lesson I have learned from this journey is that success never comes from your comfort zone.

I truly believe that the best way to express ourselves is through our clothing. I channeled my passion for creativity and desire to be different into a uniquely curated collection of clothing for all women on their rise to the top. My goal is to make everyone, no matter what shape or size, feel confident and comfortable in their Rize clothing and to
never be afraid to stand out.

We are all different, and that is the most beautiful part of life.

What our customers think

Hannah C.

"My experience with Rize is always fantastic! Tori is great and always accommodating if I ever need to return or exchange. Rize has so many cute options - I always go there first for vaca, going out, or comfy clothes!"

Marissa D.

"Awesome shopping experience! The website is beautiful and easy to navigate. I love how each listing has several images to show the piece at all angles, and the outfit pairings are great to help me visualize how I can wear their clothing. The model size information is SO helpful and makes size selection effortless. I LOVE RIZE!"

Carley T.

"My favorite!! What's not to love on the site. Easy to navigate and easy to shop and spend all my money! Rize Boutique is practically my whole wardrobe."