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From our early sorority days, to our final moments at Temple University, the two of us have always shared a love for creating. Whether it was taking photos of our essential oil bottles and accessories, or crafting unique wall hangings for hours straight, we found ourselves investing more time into growing our creative sides than we did with our own schoolwork. Our distractions from school began with expanding our Young Living essential oil community via Instagram, but that did not quite satisfy our need to invent. Feeling lost on the path we had originally planned for ourselves, the two of us had much bigger dreams in mind. Dreams that would allow us to pour our hearts into something we are truly passionate about.
From what started as a conversation over manicures, our ideas quickly manifested into the perfect reality. The two of us spent months planning this dream over endless cups of coffee, and long car rides around the city of brotherly love. Rize not only embodies our unique sense of fashion and oily lifestyle, but also symbolizes our rise to the top. We created Rize to not only find ourselves, but to inspire young women everywhere to chase their dreams too, no matter how unreachable they seem.

Together, we RIZE.

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